About Us

A Few Words About Us

We Voluntary Help for Almost 0 Years

CBX AID is a user led charity, dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of the diverse communities. We encourages co-operation and integration amongst diverse community groups as well as building harmony and exchanging cultural and language diversity within the communities.

The organization's vibrant aims are to support communities and the society from social, economic, welfare and environmental perspectives. We would like to see greater social integration, remove social isolation organising different cultural activities and improve economic life through community development projects.

Benefits Of Being A Volunteer:

Gain Work Experience

Be a volunteer and work with us to help society from social, economical and other environmental perspective.

Meet With People From Various Ethnic Backgrounds

Get a chance to meet people with traditional backgrounds and get to know about their lifestyle. Be the one to remove social isolations.

Apply Your Experience

Get empowered with work experience and organize distinct cultural activities for social integration.

Build Your Confidence

Raise your confidence by working with people of different communities and helping them improve their economic as well as social life.

Residential & Fostering

Get a chance to create better child welfare and Foster Care homes to reduce the risk of Maltreatment.


Be allied to guide people towards the right direction and make them recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction.

Early years

Be the one to do something for the betterment of Children. Encourage their Parents and help them Building confidence in them for child's brighter future.


Discover Happiness in you and others by making life of families much easier where a child has a disability.

Early intervention

Owe support and guide the young people about how they can prevent their problems from spiraling out of control.

Success Stories